Housekeeping, catering and house service

Included in High Season bookings is daily cleaning and up to 4 hours of daily service which can include some help with catering and preparing breakfast and other meals, laying the tables and clearing away. Bedrooms and bathrooms and common areas are cleaned daily but sheets and towels are only changed weekly unless special arrangements are requested,  If you would like additional services, this can be arranged if booked in advance. This has sometimes included:

  • Paella cooked in barbecue area
  • Food shopping – pre arrival and during stay
  • Bar stocking and wine service
  • Haircuts and styling (one of our staff is a former hairdresser and still keeps her equipment on site)

The above items are “extras” and are subject to agreeing these services before your arrival. The price will vary depending on the numbers and staff availability. Please see the menu of different options in our Price section.

Private chef/ Gourmet experience 
We are delighted that from 2024 we are able to arrange a private chef to cook selected meals at Mas Moli Petit. The exact cost depends on what you want but as a guide this would cost approximately €300 per meal plus ingredients (at cost price). Please ask for further details if you are interested.

Tennis, football, basketball, table tennis, padel

The tennis court is in a prominent position in the property and guests often enjoy watching a match either from above or on the “Wimbledon green” chairs at the sides. It is an all weather court with an artificial grass surface. The court has floodlights so you can even play after dark. There are football goals at either end the tennis net and posts can be removed so the court doubles as a 5 a side pitch. We also have a single basketball net for practice. We have a decent selection of some mid-level rackets and balls and some footballs but if you are a serious player, it is best to bring your own. In the terrace overlooking the pool you will find the table tennis table with a selection of bats and balls.  

There is also a padel court at the sports centre, 1 km away which can be fun to try. We have rackets available.

Swimming pool  

The oval shaped swimming pool takes centre stage in the summer months and is integrated into the stonework on which the Masia is built. In the shallow end there is sloping entrance to the pool which we call “the beach” as it can be nice to sit here and enjoy a cool drink. There is a selection of slightly questionable inflatables for children. The pool is big enough to do some serious swimming too.  If you are not in the water there is a variety of loungers, outdoor sofas, benches and chairs in the pool area. Or take a snooze in one of the hammocks in the shade of the Mulberry trees. The pool is cleaned every day by an underwater robot known affectionately as “Roberto“. We use a salt-additive system which avoids the pool smelling and tasting of chlorine and avoids those nasty chlorine rashes. The pool has LED  lighting which makes it popular after dark.


Spa room

Next to the pool is our newly refurbished changing room with shower and two WCs. This also doubles as a space for massage and treatments which need to be booked in advance of your stay.

Outdoor dining, the gardens and play area

One of our favourite areas of the property is the long outdoor table which will easily seat your entire party (sometimes we have had over 30 people seated here). The outdoor kitchen is fully equipped with fridge, freezer, barbecue, paella stove, microwave and dishwasher.  A large proportion of the holiday time can be spent here with some guests enjoying a prolonged Sobremesa whilst others return to the pool or tennis court. If that’s not enough, garden croquet and other outdoor games await. Or take a walk around the 2 hectare gardens, the orchard of a peculiar mixture of freshwater crayfish, turtles, swallows and our very own otter! As the house is next to the River, the area is a micro climate with an abundance of flora and fauna and wildlife of many sorts. The children’s playground on the lawn above the river is shaded by the mature pine trees and baby oaks. The “vintage” style of the play area means that children should be supervised at all times.           



In the evenings and cooler months, the indoor area provides a perfect area to relax and unwind. The kitchen is fitted out to cater for the professional chef with electric and gas hob, plancha, double oven, steam cooker and Miele integrated coffee machine. In the Dining Room, our  Royal Oak dining table will seat up to 18. The Living Room  houses our 1920’s baby grand piano, an impressive selection of books in English and Spanish, a full selection of board games and a roaring open fire for those winter evenings. The Marble Bar is adjacent to the pool and billiards area where it can be fun to congregate in the early evening.


Home Cinema

Our Home Cinema has a 3 meter wide screen, Epsom ceiling-mounted projector and sophisticated sound system.  The system connects to Netflix, Amazon and other services (which you can utilise using your own subscription). We also have over 200 DVDs with many classics in English, Spanish and French. The Cinema will set up to 18 in a cool array of comfy sofas, vintage armchairs and cosy beanbags.



Refurbished and re-kitted in 2022, our gym has a multi gym with state of the art weights, pullies and over 25 different exercise routines, an elliptical cross trainer and a brand new Peleton bike. We also have a punchbag, TRX and other equipment. The gym has padded floor throughout and a mirrored wall.



Our Bodega or Wine Cellar creates an amazing environment for a wine tasting evening (by prior agreement only).  



Our general policy is that pets are not allowed. However by agreement we have allowed well behaved dogs to attend subject to agreed terms.


The Environment and Sustainability

We strive to do our bit for the environment and the community and will continue to try and do more. Steps so far that you may notice:

  • Our electricity is powered primarily by our solar panels and it gets quite sunny at the Masia so we export significant amounts of excess power every day to the grid
  • Our lighting is mainly LED
  • Linen changes are once per week for bed linen and twice per week for towels unless otherwise agreed.
  • Food, we endeavour to source locally and seasonally; much of our fruit and herbs and some of the vegetables are grown at home; house wine is generally local.
  • We try to keep food waste to a minimum.
  • We minimise use of water and the irrigation system is entirely from our own wells and is therefore recycled.  Only one bathroom has a bath. Everywhere else there is only a shower and very nice it is too!
  • We endeavour to use only eco-friendly cleaning products and provide refillable units of eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner and bodywash in our bathrooms and public areas for guests use during their stay.
  • We continue in our efforts to reduce/eliminate single-use plastics. We do not buy bottled waters.  Filtered water is available in the kitchen; and we have a SodaStream carbonator to enable sparkling water to be made in-house.
  • Guests are invited to use the sustainable baskets for shopping and going to the beach. For bigger shopping runs, there are always plenty of bags for life and shopping trolleys in the Pantry.
  • We have reusable water bottles for guests to use during their stay
  • We use a salt filtration system for the pool, to keep chemicals to a minimum.
  • We endeavour to use recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, tins and glass. Something to help soothe the guilt when you see the number of empty wine bottles in the morning!
  • We encourage guests to search https://fly.green for cleaner flights and to compare fares and compensate for their footprint.
  • Every year we have a programme of planting new trees and other plants throughout the grounds.
  • We regularly support a variety of local community projects.