We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the dates (unless the booking is 12months or more before the intended arrival date in which case the initial deposit will reduce to 25% with a further 25% due no later than nine months before arrival) and the balance of the rental fee and security deposit to be paid 60 days before arrival. All deposits and other payments relating the rental of the house will not be refundable in any circumstances, including without limitation in the event of travel to or within Spain and/or access to Mas Moli Petit being restricted because of COVID-19 (or any other pandemic or other cause out of our control). Special “book with confidence terms” to address travel bans because of Covid-19 will be shared separately and to the extent applicable will supersede these terms. Any other amendments will be at the discretion of the Owner.

Our prices per night include IVA at 10% on certain aspects of the rental booking. Prices may need to be revised in the event of a change in the rate of IVA or change to the services which are subject to IVA. In the unlikely event of this occurring, we will notify you of this and provide an updated invoice. Please note that in the event a local tourism or sales tax is introduced in Spain or Catalonia, this will not be included in the price and will need to be paid by you in addition and collected separately.
Please remember to renew and check the terms of your travel insurance cover and encourage your guests to do so too. We shall not be responsible for any losses or costs you may incur in relation to travel to Mas Moli Petit that may have to be cancelled or postponed, or indeed extended because of Covid or otherwise. We will endeavour to keep you appraised of local Covid rules and contingency solutions in case anyone contracts Covid during your stay with us.

We reserve the right to require a security deposit against potential damage equal to 12 % of the rental fee (or a minimum of €1,500 for each week of the booking) to be provided at least 60 days before arrival and we would normally expect payment at the time of the balance of your rental payment (ie 60 days before your arrival). Please note Weddings and Events will require different terms.

In most circumstances we will require payment of the rental fee by bank transfer and the security deposit to be provided by bank transfer or in cash. We will advise you by email within 5 working days of your departure if we consider we should call upon the security deposit (in full or in part). Of course, we would hope that any issues could be resolved before your departure.

Extras provided by external parties should be settled locally before departure, in most cases directly with the suppliers. (Please note that some will not have credit card facilities and therefore will prefer payment in cash.)

We reserve the right to ask you to leave straight away (without refund) if we consider any of the House Rules (see below) have been disrespected.

We will not be liable to any guest for any loss damage or injury suffered by them or their property howsoever caused, save in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our staff. This is not intended to affect any mandatory rights you have under local law that we cannot legally restrict or exclude.


We try to keep rules to a minimum. We trust that those invited into our home will respect that it is just that – and will look after it as their own. Should anyone prove disrespectful to the house or the house staff, we reserve the right to ask you to leave straight away (without refund).

We are able to accommodate children and babies of all ages and have several travel cots and high chairs. However please make sure children and babies are supervised at all times. The house has not been designed for crawling babies or toddlers and particular care should be taken with stairs, the swimming pool, the kitchen and other hazards and this is the responsibility of the parents. Any damage to furniture or furnishings must be paid for before departure. There is no alarm for the swimming pool. Please do not allow children to use the playground unless supervised at all times. Please do not use the slide as this is in need of repair. Children should also not visit the ornamental lake unless under adult supervision. No bathing in the lake by anyone – you would disturb the turtles and might get pinched by a crayfish. Please do not allow children to play on the piano unless they are at least Grade 2! It is over 100 years old and has been in the family for almost as long. Please also do not allow children under 12 to use the pool table and make sure novices are supervised.

We would also advise that the house isn’t suitable for wheelchair users or guests with mobility issues. The house has a great many stairs! However by agreement The Cottage which has ground floor access and no stairs may be available but is not suitable for wheel chair users.

Well behaved dogs may be welcome but only by prior agreement. Dogs require special authorisation and in any case are never allowed in bedrooms or on beds, sofas or chairs. 

We expect guests to use the air conditioning and/or heating in a sensible and environmentally conscious manner. In particular these should be turned off during the day and whilst the heating is on it is not allowed to use the AC in heat mode. We reserve the right to charge for extra costs if this is not observed. 

The Garage, the Pantry (next to the kitchen) and the wooden hut by the ornamental well are for the owners and staff only and are out of bounds for all guests. The locked cupboards in Tramontana and under the bar are also no-go areas. The Big Green Egg in the barbecue area is also only for the owners’ use. Please do not venture into the tunnel next to the wine cellar/ Bodega. This is where the water from the river flowed through to the house and there may be dangerous debris and goblins therein.

You can use the kitchen but some of the appliances are highly specialist so please ask the House team for assistance before using them.

As the house is let to an entire party, we find guests generally do not need to lock their bedrooms. However if guests would like to do so we can provide keys. We can also provide a key to the front door and grills and a fob for the front gate but please take care of this as they are expensive to replace and if you lose it a charge of €50 per set will be deducted from the Deposit. There is a single safe if you wish to use it but we do not provide any guarantee of its efficacy.

The house should be locked after guests have gone to bed and the grills over all doors and windows closed. The front gates should also be closed (they lock automatically). Please make sure all lights are switched off.

We ask for no smoking anywhere indoors and in particular not in the bedrooms. Smoking anywhere outside is fine but please dispose of cigarette butts in an ashtray.

Do not jump into the pool from the rocks at the shallow end. We recommend that guests don’t dive in to the pool in the deep end either as it can be hard to judge the depth. In the interests of safety, please do not use glasses in or around the pool area. There are good quality plastic glasses available in the outdoor kitchen. Using glassware at the outdoor dining table is fine.

Also, whilst guests are welcome to take glasses, mugs and plates to their rooms, please return them to the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. We would also be grateful if you would use the coasters available, to help protect the antique furniture. In particular the Royal Oak table in the dining room always needs placemats and coasters or it will stain. No drinks on the piano top please!

The house has been wired to provide wifi throughout. You are welcome to use it liberally in your rooms but if everyone uses it at the same time as well as running the Home Cinema, there may be bandwidth issues. If you experience WiFi outages, it may be necessary to reboot the system. Please ask one of our team about this.

Please ask the House Team for assistance in using the Home Cinema. Please put any DVDs you select back in their cases.

We can provide some mountain bikes for an agreed weekly charge. Please take care of these and identify any damage. We do not accept any responsibility for any accidents arising from your use of the bikes and you use them at your own risk. The bikes are only intended for use outside the property.

The house has 7 bedrooms plus The Cottage accommodating a maximum of 18 people. We normally recommend that 14 adults is a good number but it can also suit 12 to 14 adults with 4-6 children. We do not accept or have capacity for additional beds. However babies sleeping in a cot in the same room as parents can be accommodated. As there are some differences in the style, conformation and standard of the bedrooms, we recommend that guests agree the allocation of rooms in advance of their holiday.

No additional guests other than those registered may stay in the property. Visitors for meals or drinks during the day are permitted by prior agreement (and not more than 8 in total).

We assume you will agree with your guests what images or other recording of your stay at the house may be taken and shared on social media (or otherwise). Our staff have been asked to adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards.

If you are coming at a time of year when the nights may be chilly, lighting the fireplace is a good option and our housekeeping team will lay a fire in the Winter evenings…

You are welcome to use the Argentine style barbecue. You should start with a small amount of wood or charcoal and build up slowly to create glowing embers and hot ash. The house team can help you. Please ensure no fires or candles are left unattended – for obvious reasons!

For the warm sunny days, when sun-cream is essential, please shower before going in the pool and if using P20, please be careful as it stains terribly (microcement bathroom vanities and bed/bath linens in particular).

The rental of the house includes a change of bath towels on day 4 if staying for 7 nights. One swimming pool towel per person for 7 nights is also included. Please leave towels out to dry after swimming so they can be reused. The bed linen will be fresh on arrival. If you are staying for more than 7 nights, the bed linen will be changed on day 7. You are very welcome to use the skincare products made available in your bathrooms. Please do not take the bottles with you. We have avoided putting locks on cupboards, because we prefer a relationship of trust. However, we reserve the right to charge additional fees if people help themselves …

No guest should use, ingest, possess or distribute illegal drugs or other substances or engage in other conduct which would bring Mas Moli Petit into disrepute.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave straight away (without refund) if we consider any of these house rules to have been disrespected. The person making the booking will be responsible for the behaviour of their guests and any damage they may cause.

At the end of your stay, please ensure that the house is in the same condition as you found it on arrival and that all items borrowed have been returned to the place from which they were taken; in particular, the kitchen should be left clean and tidy, dishes and glasses cleaned and put away, bins empty, perishable foods thrown out. Our house staff will be able to do some of this but if you are not paying for enhanced service, there will be some tidying and cleaning to do before your departure.

Any wet or damp towels should be taken to the laundry basket in the Pantry floor and not left on beds!

Extras should be settled locally before departure, in most cases directly with the suppliers. (Please note that some will not have credit card facilities and therefore will prefer payment in cash.)

We will not be liable to any guest for any loss damage or injury suffered by them or their property howsoever caused, save in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our staff. This is not intended to affect any mandatory rights you have under local law that we cannot legally restrict or exclude.

Should you have any complaints about your experience at Mas Moli Petit or about this Site, please email davidfel1973@gmail.com. We will endeavour to respond and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Mas Moli Petit is promoted and rented by Mas Moli Petit SL, Calle Prado del Rey101, Casa 12, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain (NIF B87879201) .
In the event of any dispute between you and us concerning these Terms, the laws of England and Wales will apply. If you wish to take court proceedings against us, you should do so within England and Wales, except to the extent that applicable law in your country of residence requires mandatory application of another law and/or jurisdiction and/or language and such requirement cannot lawfully be excluded under these Terms in which case such law and/or jurisdiction and/or language shall apply, as far as legally required.